Lotlot De Leon, Pinatulan ang Basher sa IG!

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Kamakailan ay nag post si Lotlot Deleon ng picture nilang magkakapatid sa instagram at halos iisa ang tanong ng mga netizens, bakit wala ang kanilang mommy Guy? Ang salo-salo ay pamisa ni Lotlot Deleon para sa kanyang tita (kapatid ni Ms. Nora Aunor) na yumao few days ago. Ayon kay Matet, busy lang ang kanilang mommy kaya hindi nakadalo. Kakaumpisa lang ng teleserye ni Ate Guy sa GMA 7, ang Onanay!

Isang basher ang hindi nakalampas kay Lotlot at Matet.

Ms. Luz, May I call you that? It looks like you're a decent woman, by the looks of it you have your family beside you smiling with you with all the pictures you have in your IG. Maybe the only difference we have you and I, is that they're your "blood". You know ma'am I don't usually comment nor waste my time explaining myself to people who have nothing good to say. Now if you ask me what makes you different from the rest is because I feel with your hurtful and slanderous comment not only to me but to "ALL KIDS" that are or have been Adopted is very unkind and inhumane. We did not choose the lives that we have, but what we chose is to be always grateful for the family who took us in. The only way we can really give back is to show our adoptive parents that they have done a great job in showing us how to love one another. I know that we live in a free world where we have the chance to speak and say our piece even when sometimes it's uncalled for. I hope we use this as a tool to lift each other up rather than to JUDGE and disrespect one another. Ms. Luz, you know nothing about me and my siblings. People like you are a wolf in a sheeps clothing. As for us, my siblings and I regardless adopted love and respect one another and will have each other to protect and care for one another. Always have, always will. And like you, we will continue to smile in our pictures because we know, what we have no one can break apart. Now as for my mom. We love her dearly. That is one that should never be questioned, but as you know we are the kind of family that do not wash our dirty clothes in public. Respect begets respect Ms. Luz.

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Gaya ng sabi ni Lotlot, tahimik silang pamilya at hindi nagsisiraan sa media. Hangad natin na maayos na ang ano mang hindi nila pagkakasundo.